After making soap for the family for many years raw.suds was creating something to delightful not to share.

About 2 years ago Mish the maker had the push she was needing from her daughter Holly to see how the public would take raw.suds - never ever was it seen to take off as it now has.

Although now it has expanded to stock all over Australia, everything is still made in small batches and manufactured by hand to maintain our high level of quality throughout our whole range. When it comes to packaging we recycle wherever possible using things like old unwanted books to wrap some soap bars.

raw.suds is such a rare find, meaning there is nothing like it any where and we are always striving to create lush products for your mind + body + soul. Enjoy all the goodness raw.suds has to offer in all products.

Treat your self and your skin with raw suds - enjoy x